Operational Transformation
For Cost Savings and Employee Retention


In this climate of budget cuts, funding uncertainty and high turnover, operational efficiency can unlock meaningful financial and human resources. The keys to operational transformation are typically grounded in standardization, digitization, documentation and training.  Jennifer Geiling, 1digit President, partnered with Michael Schmidt, President of Progress Technology Solutions (PTS), to uncover more than $100,000 in annual savings, streamline staff responsibilities and strengthen operational sustainability for a nonprofit organization.


In this engagement, an operations audit uncovered disparate practices in purchasing, accounts payable and invoice approval.  This varied activity resulted in duplicative expenses, excessive administrative activities and financial control risks.  The decentralized operations stretched the accounting department’s capacity, negatively impacted employee morale and challenged leadership’s ability to effectively manage costs and exercise oversight.   

In this partnership, we recommended centralizing operations through digital solutions that allow for transparency, consistency and data collection.  In just one month, data analysis revealed numerous cost savings opportunities.  For example, hundreds of individual video conference subscriptions were uncovered and consolidated into a single organization-wide license.  This one update saved the organization $25,000 annually and ensured secure conversations.  In total, the engagement identified more than $100,000 in savings. 

The consulting and technology partnership between Jennifer and Michael supported employee adoption, satisfaction and retention.  Scaffolding strategy conversations across divisions, executive leadership and management placed the end-users at the center of design ensuring that new practices made sense in day-to-day operations and could be embraced and implemented across the organization.  Existing and new technology solutions were customized to align with new workflows and to make administrative tasks as easy as possible. The engagement included designing a strategy for adoption and long term institutionalization through communications, trainings, onboarding and documentation. 

At 1digit, we have hands-on experience in managing nonprofits and deep knowledge of the financial and compliance complexities of running a nonprofit funded primarily by government contracts. We were part of the NYC team that developed the City of New York’s Cost Manual and indirect cost rate funding initiative and we participated in the management of NYC audits and corrective action plans.  PTS has served the IT needs of New York City’s nonprofit sector for more than 20 years.  With ongoing IT support, special project expertise and custom designed digital tools PTS offers technology solutions that realize savings, security and efficiency. PTS is focused on making technology work for its clients! 

Reach out today to learn how a 1digit and PTS partnership can start saving your organization money and resources.   

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